Event – art show: Kup ku Glitter

The first art exhibition of 2017 is by our first artists-in-residence Silvia Schlömer and Dieuwke Eggink from Enschede, the Netherlands.

Silvia and Dieuwke say:
We invite the viewer to walk through the world of the fictional ‘Charo Pussy Gang’. A world close to a utopia, a glorification of our fantasies of the poor and rich worlds of Curacao. Which both can have very bad but also very wonderful sides.

In the summer of 2016 we both graduated from the AKI Academy of art and Design, Enschede. Here Silvia Schlömer showed a world of her own, with golden plants, bright colour and silk mountains. The paintings by Dieuwke Eggink viewed different adaptations of a garden. Both our work is about a different look on the world and creating a new world from this look.

For our exhibition in Willemstad we choose to use this parallel and to combine our skills in sculpture and painting into our own adaptation of Curacao, using photo, video, sculpture, painting and performance.

The exhibition will open on Thursday 2nd of March. During the opening the rap group Owl Gang will perform their music which talks about their own good and bad experiences of growing up and living on Curacao.

Got curious?  It is to bee seen until April 2, but might get extended till April 26.


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