Casa Moderna


Uniarte in Casa Moderna

Uniarte moved into Casa Moderna in January 2016. We did a lot of cleaning up and taking down walls to make to use the space suitable for our purposes. We grew into it organically, how we use it, and we grew to feel really at home in this casa.

But what is the story behind this beautiful building? Read it here.

A year ago with lots of dust sweat and tears, we started transforming this building into the creative hub it is today. Friends and volunteers helped out. These are pictures of stage 1.

Casa Moderna today:

In the building reside:

Members  (mainly ground floor)casa-moderna-ground-floor

LoA (first floor) andcasa-moderna-first-floor

Teatro KadaKen (second floor)


It is also possible to rent the ground floor for events.  You are free to take it away and use the space as you have in mind. The Casa Moderna has been experienced as one of the most alternative and artsy venues of the island and it’s right in the city center.

Passed events we have hosted in 2016